2nd Dimension

By Keith Fernandez

Mind and universe
Should convey the same image;
Interminable beauty,
Unknown possibility.
Each notion meant to be fostered and cultivated.
Instead we squash it like an ant
Beneath the heel of our designer shoe.
Open minds are meant to be shut.
From a young age,
The adolescent brain is conditioned
Much like Pavlov’s dogs.

Heel: Stop.
Symbolic of the despotic structures put in place
To stunt the growth and depth
Of provocative thought.
Everything our culture does
Strains to passive-aggressively funnel
People into the cages of conformity, where
The only form of your individuality is a nine digit number.

Some look over the ledge
Into the looming darkness,
Knowing that this obligatory obedience
Is far too much to handle and
Wistfully (or could one say courageously)
Throw themselves off.
Conversely, some bow down to the coercion:
Government, religion, money, sex, drugs.
The typical, bigger and better
Perpetually conquers simplicity.

Standing up, as some valiant
Souls do, seems to be the only option
To break free from the
Cookie cutter mold that
Our government and systems have
Put in place, when in reality,
The subconscious mind has been
Trained to recognize that true freedom is unfeasible.
Creative mind can think outside the box,
But there are limits.

Just as we escape the
Confines of our societal cage,
We collide with the bars
Of yet another cage.
“Bigger, better,” bleaker.
Only this time, there is no exit.
Ensnared by the limits they have ingrained.
Unlike the universe,
The known binds
Our mind.