Ode to Ignorance

Ode to Ignorance

By Will Burns

Eyes forced open by perpetual reality,

sting with sorrowful tears as

irrational justification traps the mind.

The veil that wonderfully distorted our sight

now lies on the face of the future,

burned and buried within the mind’s trench.

Bells drum deeply midnight as

curtains close on the masquerade ball,

and the crowd bows to the actors.

The masks of the orchestra,

removed to the tuning

of contemporary instruments,

as fashioned wood warps to brass.

Doors slate open,

turning silk coarse as

scorching air drowns

the beliefs of a thousand generations,               

and the canary crows Death.

Intense illumination

pours over forgotten maxims,

devouring the comfort of the darkness.

Solid shadows dissipate into

wavering excuses,

and experience proves unknown.

Caught off balance, we fall

from prominent deference—

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